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Anti-Staining Soaping Agent RJ-SASP

Product Description

RJ-SASP is the latest research and development for the cotton and its blended fibers soaping after reactive dyeing of exhaust dyeing, continuous dyeing and printing. RJ-SASP can efficiently remove the reactive dye on the cellulose fiber, especially for dark fabrics, it can improve the color fastness to washing (especially cotton stain), perspiration fastness and dry and wet rubbing fastness. 

After washing with this soaping agent, soap residue color is low, and sometimes close to colorless, after soaping the hot water washing and cold water washing less dye decolorization, washability is superior. So it can shorten the number of soaping and washing to achieve water-saving, time-saving, energy saving, emission reduction and other environmental effects.

Features and Advantages

v       Fast and efficient cleaning of unfixed reactive dye on cellulose fibers.

v       Soaping agent is easy to clean, no residue on the fabric.

v       When the amount of soaping agent is appropriate, the soaping residue can be close to colorless, and the follow-up water-washing dyestuff is very few.

v       Improve the washing fastness, perspiration fastness, dry and wet rubbing fastness and other color fastness.

v       Reducing the number of soaping and water, sewage effluent is almost colorless.

v       Without Oeko-Tex 100, REACH regulations restrict the substance.

v       Low foam, no APEO, no VOC, no COD, no nitrogen. 

Technical Index




White to   light yellow powder

Water Solubility

Easily   soluble in water



Solid content


pH (1%   aqueous solution)


Application and Dosage

RJ-SASP is suitable for cheese yarn, overflow, air dyeing machine, and pad dyeing process. The dosage is based on the structure of the fabrics, the color depth, the soaping conditions and the equipment. The reference process is as follows:


1. Printing process & Continuous dyeing

RJ-SASP:            0.2-1.0g/L

Temperature:                     90-98℃


2. Exhaust dyeing:

RJ-SASP:            0.2-1.0g/L

Temperature:                     90-98℃

Time              15-20min

Recommended washing process conditions

Washing 50℃×10minWashing 80℃×10minSoaping 90℃×15min(RJ-SASP dilution was added at 75℃)Washing 80℃×10minWashing 50℃×10min



1)This product for cotton and other cellulose fiber reactive dyes with excellent soap and anti-white stained phenomenon, but do not want to greatly increase the amount of soaping agent, or improve the soaping temperature.

2)This product can be used alone to achieve outstanding soaping effect, if used in common with other additives, be sure to confirm the compatibility.

3)When adding soaping agent solution, do not pour directly on the yarn and fabric.

4)Continuous soaping after dyeing or printing, the need for timely additional soaping agent in order to ensure a good anti-white stain and soaping effect.

5)It is recommended that the soaping fluid be used up as soon as possible after dispensing, and the application performance will be degraded after high temperature for a long time. 

Packing: RJ-SASP is available in 25kg woven bags or other packing on request.


Storage: Transport as non-hazardous chemicals. Store in original container only.

Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, well ventilated place. 


Shelf life: Original characteristics remain intact for 12 months, if kept in recommended storage.


Revision Date: 01/05/2015                 Version 3.0

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